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Thank you for visiting my archived articles site.

Who am I? I’m San Francisco-based writer and activist; my work focuses on issues of war and peace and human rights. I’m currently a staff writer at Common Dreams, as well as a member of the international socialist writers’ group Collective 20. I was a longtime freelance journalist and essayist, with articles appearing in a wide variety of print and online publications including Counterpunch, Truthout,,, Asia Times, The Jakarta Post, Alternet, teleSUR, Yahoo News, Mondoweiss, EcoWatch, and Venezuela Analysis.

I am also the lead contributor to the blog of Ethics In Tech, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit of which I am also a board member. When I am not writing I am in the streets fighting for peace and for racial, economic, and climate justice. I am currently membership coordinator for San Francisco Berniecrats, the local Our Revolution affiliate, and am also active in the AfroSoc caucus of Democratic Socialists of America, San Francisco.

I grew up in rural southern New Jersey, where David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan rallied in my subdivision when I was just 5 years old, before moving to northern New Jersey in my teenage years and then to Florida, Los Angeles, Australia, Brazil, Italy and finally San Francisco, where I have lived and loved since 2006. Go Giants!

When not writing, railing against the interminable injustices of humanity or helping to elect socialist and progressive candidates, I enjoy traveling — 44 countries and counting — running, reading, and growing my library of antiquarian books, especially ones about the struggle for racial justice and the history of US imperialism.

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