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Kesha Rogers is a most interesting U.S. Senate candidate. She’s a Texas Democrat who believes that President Obama, who she often compares to Hitler, should be impeached — some allege she’s even said executed — for “flagrant” constitutional violations.

Espousing such unorthodoxy has gotten her shunned by the Democratic party, which actively urges voters to support her opponents. But after faring remarkably well in a March primary, in which she placed second, Rogers, a 37-year-old political activist and longtime disciple of controversial fringe Democrat Lyndon Larouche, is just one more win away from being Texas’ Democratic candidate for US Senate.

First, she’ll have to get past David Alameel, the Dallas dental mogul endorsed by Democratic gubernatorial nominee Wendy Davis. But despite having the support of mainstream Democrats, Alameel continues to be dogged by sexual harassment allegations and could be vulnerable come election day, which is May 27.

Can a black woman who wants to impeach President Obama, who continuously compares the president to Hitler and who has been accused of opposing gay rights and the official 9/11 narrative win the day among Texas primary voters? After all, such views are not uncommon amongst a certain segment of the state’s population. They just tend to be affiliated with the far-right, not Democrats.

This Digital Journalist recently had the opportunity to sit down for a lengthy phone conversation with Kesha Rogers. We discussed everything from the Hitler comparisons to asteroids to the economic crisis and even those allegations that she called for Obama’s execution. It was one of the more interesting interviews I’ve ever done, that’s for sure.

DJ: You are a Democrat. But you have called for the impeachment of President Obama, listing a detailed summary of impeachable offenses he’s committed on your campaign website. I must say, there are some very valid offenses there, including various constitutional violations, that seem to warrant impeachment far more than Benghazi, Fast and Furious or any one of a number of minor or pseudo-scandals for which Tea Party leaders have called for his impeachment.

Rogers: Violation of the War Powers resolution, regime change against nations posing no military threat to the United States, indefinite detention of American citizens, droning of American citizens without due process, and the lawlessness of going against the Constitution in terms of warrantless wiretapping [and more] are all impeachable offenses.

DJ: That makes sense, whether one agrees with you or not. But I have to ask: Why the comparisons between Obama and Hitler, for example, the Hitler mustache on Obama in one of your campaign posters? What sort of voters are you appealing to with such extreme comparisons and imagery?

Rogers: [All of the things I just mentioned] have outrightly deserved President Obama the mustache. And until he is impeached, it will stay with him.I’m appealing to voters by actually telling the truth. Mr. Larouche made the clear forecast or warning about the character of President Obama as being similar to Adolf Hitler and [the Roman emperor] Nero.

DJ: You have compared the Affordable Care Act, also known as ‘Obamacare,’ to the policies of Nazi Germany. Please explain yourself.

Rogers: Both are programs that put cost-effective measures before human life. There are those who are undeserving to live. And if you were too old, or mentally incapable, or if you had disabilities, those were the the first people who were targeted.

DJ: Explain your “SuperEgoGenocidalNarcissistPsychosis” campaign video.

Rogers: You have to have a sense of irony. It’s sort of the type of humor Shakespeare represents in his writings about going after an oligarchical system. [Obama] is a president with a narcissistic complex and it must be exposed.The intention was to make the point that we have a president who’s not fit for office and has to be impeached immediately, and to make the point that he doesn’t tell the truth and needs to be exposed as a liar.

DJ: You have been accused of calling for Obama’s execution in the video, which contains the verse: “The economic crash will not be cured by mere opprobrium/His doctor should administer some Pentothal of sodium.” Do you regret the sodium Pentothal reference?

Rogers: People got the wrong idea about what that meant. So no, I don’t.

DJ: What did it really mean?

Rogers: I have no intentions of harming the president. Never did, never will. I’m calling him a liar. I’m pointing out the lies. That’s a very strong accusation and an attack against me by saying I was calling for any harm to be done to the president. And I will take people on at any time. I want the president impeached. I want him convicted for his crimes, but I want no harm done to him.(Note: sodium thiopental is indeed used in lethal injections, but it is also used as a truth serum.)

DJ: Let’s move on to the economy. Reinstating Glass-Steagall, which separated investment and commercial banking activities and whose repeal has been linked to the 2008 financial crisis, is the cornerstone of your economic policy. What role do you believe the repeal of Glass-Steagall played in the current financial mess and ushering in what you’ve referred to as “the post-9/11 bankers’ dictatorship?”

Rogers: It played a major role. It led to a dismantling of our firewall protection for our banking system. Glass-Steagall had been the law of the land for over 60 years. Had it not been repealed, the whole 2007-2008 collapse, which started with mortgage-backed securities, the TARP bailout and the policies which started under the George W. Bush administration would not have been made possible. But it goes even further back, to derivatives policies under Alan Greenspan in the 1980s.If Glass-Steagall had not been repealed, we could have made sure that trillions of dollars in Wall Street speculation would not have been made possible.

DJ: What do you think of the Dodd-Frank reforms?

Rogers: Dodd-Frank has allowed the United States to do what has been done in countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece and other places, which is to loot the population to push austerity against the people in order to keep this financial and speculative bubble afloat.

DJ: Let’s talk about another cornerstone of your platform, space exploration and planetary protection from asteroids.

Rogers: People have to take seriously the threat coming from asteroids and what it represents. As Chelyabinsk reminded us, we have to take asteroids as a serious scientific concern, as well as a concern for protection of mankind and survival of the planet. This is not some kook policy. It’s the protection of the interests of every single individual life on this planet.

DJ: I understand your interest in space exploration being that you represent Texas, home of NASA. What do you think is needed to boost popular support for increases in NASA’s budget, especially at a time when there are so many unattended needs here on earth?

Rogers: First of all, we have to give people a sense of a national program that’s mission-oriented, like John F. Kennedy intended. That’s what the Apollo Program represented. A unified mission for the country. Apollo wasn’t just about sending people into space. It transformed so much of our economy. From our education system to so many of the things we use today, it was a vision that led to the total transformation of the planet. You cannot accomplish that unless you have full funding of your space program.

DJ: What do you have in mind for such a transformative project?

Rogers: What the Chinese are doing right now in terms of lunar exploration is what the United States once represented as a leader in space. We should be looking at the mining of helium 3 on the moon. Industrialization of the moon has to be a major focus of our science program. Lunar mining is absolutely critical for the development of fusion sources. I’m a very strong proponent of the development of nuclear power, of fusion power.

DJ: And what about the environment?

Rogers: We need to be rid of the insane policy of environmentalism. No more ‘green’, anti-growth, anti-science environmental policy.

DJ: You’re also a strong proponent of classical education.

Rogers: [America] doesn’t have an emphasis anymore on original discovery. Everything is based on teaching and learning for tests. Memorizing what you are taught, not on actually making discoveries. People are being treated as herded cattle instead of as human beings capable of making original, creative discoveries.We don’t educate our young people to come to know their own creative minds. It’s the same with our music, which dumbs down the population. What’s the intention behind that? A certain oligarchical system of British empire and the financial system are dumbing down the population so it is incapable of addressing the dire concerns confronting their lives.

DJ: What drew you to the Lyndon Larouche movement?

Rogers: Mr. Larouche’s understanding of the economic crisis and the fact that he has been the most accurate economic forecaster going back to the 1960s. He forecast the collapse of this system which has gone away from our original constitutional intent, and he also actually has solutions. I did not see solutions coming from either of the two parties.We haven’t had real leadership in this nation for some time. If you actually want to see change, you have to take on the enemies of our constitutional republic, enemies defined by an imperial system that has made it clear that it’s opposed to everything our constitution represents. I stand for reviving a commitment to our constitutional republic.

DJ: What of Larouche’s alleged anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial? I understand that critics of illegal or even criminal Israeli policies and actions are often falsely labeled as ‘anti-Semites’ as a Zionist tactic to deflect legitimate criticism. But hasn’t Larouche denied that six million Jews were exterminated during the Holocaust and criticized the prosecution of Nazi war criminals?

Rogers: I don’t think that’s true. If those [critics] would take the time to actually go and read or listen to Mr. Larouche’s remarks and what he has said about how to bring about the common interest and common aims of mankind for all races, for all people, then you would understand that those things that have been said about him are absolutely inadequate.